Reginald James Abram

Reginald James Abram was born in Northampton in 1903.   The 1911 census shows him, aged eight, living at Station Road, Earl’s Barton.


Reginald J Abraham is recorded as leaving London for Australia on 5 December 1922, travelling on the Esperance Bay with 290 other people.




Violet May

Violet May Abram was the youngest child of my great great grandparents Charles and Emily. She was born in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire in 1907. Emily lived into her nineties and daughter Violet lived to celebrate her 100th birthday in 2006.

Violet May Abram.

After the war, my great grandfather Charlie and his wife Milly May settled in England but other family members went to Australia.  Aged 18, Violet went too, leaving from London on 31 December 1924 and arriving in Melbourne, Australia on 9 February 1925.  They sailed aboard the Ship Esperance Bay on it’s maiden voyage, with 268 others. The ship was later turned into a battle ship in the Second World War and sunk. 

Passenger list.

Five years later, in 1930, Violet married Hugh Smith Wilson in Victoria, Australia. 

Violet & Hugh