Morning Glory

Morning glory is a climbing plant native to the rain forests of South America. I have grown purple and pink varieties of this flower. The flowers of the purple variety  look as if they have been dipped in purple ink which gives them a very decadent appearance. Both varieties have trumpet shaped flowers, white throats, twining stems and large heart shaped leaves.

All photos by Toni Abram.

Purple Morning Glory plant.

Whenever I have grown morning glory, I have grown it from seed, sowing these around March/April time and it really is as simple as putting some seeds in a pot and waiting for them to begin growing.

Purple and Pink Morning Glory plant.

I grow mine in pots and use plant supports so the plant has something to climb up.  I create these cheaply using garden canes to form a wigwam structure and cane grips which you can buy at garden centres, on eBay or Amazon. Morning glory could also be grown up a trellis or grown through shrubs and trees.

Morning Glory heart shaped leaf.

The plant grows best in full sun or dappled shade, however individual flowers are short lived. They open wide in the early morning sun but do not last the day. Remove the dead flowers when you see them and the plant will flower reliably throughout the summer.