I have been sharing my books with Bookcrossing since 2005.  I have always loved to read but as much as I always think that I will read again, a book that I have loved, I never do, as there always seems to be so many books I want to read.

Bookcrossing allows me to register my books with an identification number. The number and the website address are written inside the book and then I leave the book somewhere for someone to find, which is known as ‘book releasing’.  The hope is simply that the book will be found by someone who will enjoy it and that they will read it and pass it on, or if they don’t want to read it, that they will pass it to someone they think would appreciate it.

There are no hard and fast rules about book releasing, I’ve left books at my place of work, on benches, at the supermarket and at coffee shops. And it’s a lovely feeling when someone finds the book and writes that finding it made their day, that they have read the book, what they thought of it and where they have left the book for someone else to find.

Find me on the Bookcrossing website below.