Street party for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di

As I recall, street parties took place across the UK to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Di and Langport Drive was no different. Royal wedding fever had swept the nation and I kept a scrap book with newspaper and magazine cuttings from the time, which I still have in a box somewhere (together with my Wham scrapbook, full of photos from Look In and Smash Hits magazines). I remember watching the wedding on television and being in awe of the fairytale princess in the ivory dress and the oh so cute bridesmaids with the flower garlands in their hair.

For the street party, our road was shut to traffic, bunting stretched from one side of the road to the other and tables lined the street so we could eat together. An essay writing competition was held for the children. I think we were asked to write about the Wedding of Cana where water was turned into wine. I won the competition and was awarded a commemorative bible which I still own.


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