I have grown cornflowers in my garden for a number of years now. Cuttings were gifted to me and I believe that the variety I have is Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst Dream’. I now have cornflowers growing in pots and also in my garden borders, which I have propagated from the original planst I was given.

All photos by Toni Abram. 

Cornflowers in bloom.

The plant has a beautiful inky blue/purple flower, the buds have an interesting cross hatch design that reminds me of thistles and if you are looking for a plant to attract bees to your garden, this is a plant they love.


Cornflowers need very little attention. If they look untidy, simply cut the plant back to promote new  growth. Sections of the plant can be dug up or even pulled out of the ground for planting somewhere else in the garden or sharing with someone. With regular deadheading my cornflowers have flowered well into the autumn in past years.



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