Dwarf lilies

I found my dwarf lilly on a early year visit to a garden centre. I hadn’t gone out with the intention of returning home with one but it was love at first sight.  The variety I have is a dwarf lily matrix and it usually flowers between June and July.

All photos by Toni Abram.

Dwarf lily.

Dwarf lilies die right back over the winter months but each spring when the plant begins to grow back again, it is possible to see there are individual plants and these can be dug up and planted elsewhere in your garden or given away.

Lily sprouts.

Dwarf lily sprouts.

They grow rapidly and can go from sprouting to good sized plants with flower buds in a month.

Dwarf lilies in bud.

Dwarf lilies are a very easy plant to grow, just look out for lily beetles which have a fondness for the leaves and which tend to hang out on the underside of these. Lily beetles have a bright red shell so are easy to spot but don’t be fooled by their prettiness – they can really do some damage, so plants need to be checked for these daily.

Dwarf lilies.

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