Hamilton S Faber

I learned about Hamilton S Faber when researching the Faber family arms.  I was advised by the College of Arms that they hold an extensive pedigree for the Faber family which was recorded in 1902 by Hamilton S. Faber and that he was the first cousin of Henry Grey Faber’s father.

They also advised that there were two branches of the Faber family with different coats of arms and crests. The arms to which Henry Grey Faber was entitled were granted in 1928 on the application of Hamilton S. Faber’s widowed mother, to the descendants of her late husband’s father, Thomas Henry Faber. As Henry Grey Faber was the grandson of Thomas Henry Faber, he became entitled to the arms by descent.

The information I have learned about Hamilton S and his family can be found below.

1881: Hamilton Stanley Faber, aged 2, is recorded at living at 1, Esplanade, Teignmouth East, Newton Abbot, Devon, England, with his parents Edward G Faber (a wine merchant), Edith  M Faber, Edward G Faber, Ernest M Faber and Evelyn A Faber.  Also, a governess and two nurses.

1901: Hamilton S Faber, aged 22, is a medical student, living at 95, Fordwych Road, Hampstead, London & Middlesex, England, living with parents Edward G Faber (retired from owning ironworks), Edith M Faber and Ernest W Faber aged 24 (member of the London Stock Exchange).

1911: Hamilton Stanley Faber, aged 32, is working as Doctor Mp Mrcs Lrcp and living at 28 Chichele Road Cricklewood NW, Willesden, Middlesex, England with his mother Edith Maria  Faber (now a widow), Edward Jocy Faber and Ernest Waddington Faber. Also two servants.

1939: Hamilton S Faber is working as a medical practioner and living at 25 Chichele Road , Willesden M.B., Middlesex, England with Jean (Caslow) Faber and three others.

Edward G Faber

Hamilton’s father Edward G Faber was born in 1836 and can be found on 1841 census.

1841: Edward, aged 5 (born in Durham 1836), is recorded as living at High Street, Stockton, Durham, England with parents Thomas Henry Faber aged 35 (born 1806) and Eleanor Faber aged 36 (born 1805 in Durham). Also siblings Ann, Eleanor, Frank, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary.

Thomas Henry Faber and Eleanor Faber (nee Grey)

I believe that Thomas Henry Faber married Eleanor Grey in 1827 in Stockton, although there are two similar entries.  The first one shows a Eleanor Grey married Thomas Henry Faber on 26 April 1827 in Stockton, Durham and the second ones shows Eleanor Grey married Thomas Henry Weber of Stockton-on-Tees, Durham on 26 April 1827.

I have also located a baptism entry for a Eleanor Grey in Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham on 14 December 1806, to parents James Grey and Ann Hudson Grey and a second baptism entry for the same date and place but showing the mother as Ann Hudson.

1851: Eleanor, aged 46, is living at High Street, Stockton, Durham, England with daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Emma and Caroline and is described as a Widow – her occupation is given as Annuitant

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